Session 15

Burial at Sea

John does discounted divinination describing dwelling of demon-dealer Symathus. We go to the Iron Duke to set sail back to the old continent.
Halew (bard), Amkuurum (orc cleric of Gromm), and Nunnai (gnome wizard) are on leave; we must find them to set sail.

RayvyEdden (priest) speaks to some of the other crew and gets a lead on Halew, the bard – they think he is performing at one of the larger alehouses. We find him playing to a large crowd, and the bar staff won’t let us interfere with his performance. We leave him a note to stay there while we round up the rest of the crew.

Looking for Nunnai, we stop in the magic shop, where the owner happens to be a gnome. He happens to know Nunnai and says we should check a local watering hole that caters to smaller clientele.

We arrive at the Magic Stick and find the doorway is quite small; most of the party has to wait outside while Sharky crawls in and retrieves Nunnai.

We suspect Amkuurum may be wandering around in the wilderness near town. Outside the city, we hear deep baritone singing in the woods. Heading towards it, we see an orc tra-la-la’ing along with a large bear approaching him from behind. We watch as he feeds it some berries; it wanders off when it sees us. We convince him to meet us at the boat come morning.

We crash for the night uneventfully, arrive at the boat, and realize that Halew is still at the pub where we told him to wait for us. Oops.

We hoof it to the inn and tell him what’s up. He says he’ll get ready and that it’ll take him an hour to pack. Sharky walks past him into the room, throws all of his crap into a sack and pushes him forward out the door. We’re on our way.

We set sail and about 5 days out, we hear a pretty loud splash in the water near the ship.
As most of the crew looks over the edge, a crew member (Phinny) climbs on the rail and leaps into the water, making a loud splash. The crow’s nest calls out “Man overboard!”
Icon jumps overboard on the other side of the ship.

RayvyEdden casts Detect Magic and sees that the large clumps of seaweed floating in the water nearby are radiating magic.

One of them transforms before his eyes and takes the form of a woman, compelling him to leap into the water to save them.

He resists her alluring pull and warns the crew as 5 clumps of seaweed turn into equine-shaped monsters and move towards the ship as if to attack. Meanwhile, a large column of water rises up in front of the ship and attacks. Iron Man identifies the sea-weed shapechangers are Kelpies; the water to be a huge Water Elemental. COMBAT MUSIC PLAYS.

Iron Man delays, waiting on the Captain’s orders.
Sharky draws his bow and sinks two arrows into one of the kelpies. …
We cut the kelpies down, but the water elemental is fucking up our shit. It’s created a widening crack in the hull. We also notice that the ship is spinning in a swirl of water that is slowly pulling the ship down into the water. The crew begin abandoning ship. Things are not looking good. We manage to kill all of the kelpies just as the water elemental sends the ship sinking underwater. We bail. As in, leave the ship for the whaling skiffs with crew. Bobby retcons RayvyEdden back onto the sinking ship and as we row away we see him sucked beneath the waves.
+1200 exp each, most likely 5th level.
assumed dead: Jeorge, Icond, Phinny, Gerry, Ninnacka, Amselgar, Deitana.


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