Session 13

Searching for John In the Woods

Session 13 09/25/2015 Continuing the Search for John…Into the Woods!
Starting in town, we go to a weapon shop to look at a masterwork weapon for Iron Man, which is 350gold. We look and leave.

Into the woods on the “path” of John, we find a windy path that matches our map (how we know this I don’t know). We determine the path was made by boars twice the size of normal boar.
We encounter a wolf-like creature which Iron Man recognizes as a Barghest, an evil monster that feeds on innocent creatures until it grows large enough to transform, then finds a tribe of goblins to rule. It’s eating a deer and doesn’t recognize us. We tickle it!

Just kidding. We kill it.
(+300exp Barghest slain! 9347/15000) And we loot the deer carcass. Sharky takes the Barghest’s teeth.
We find a river; evidence of boar, and then… BOAR ATTACK!
[Flanking is +2 to hit]
(12 damage)
Iron Man is fighting 3, takes one down. Sharky is fighting one and Seidina summons AN EAGLE out of nowhere and it bites my boar on the booty.
4 Dire Boars down; +1200exp each, 8 footlong tusks, as much boar meat as we can carry.
Fork in the road – isn’t on the map. The off-branch has lights in the distance; the path seems to be man-made; we see human footprints on the path.
Two GIANT humanoid creatures rise up out of a swamp near the path, trailing filth and vines. We identify them as Shambling Mounds, and they seem to be defending their swamp territory. We attempt to pass them by, but encounter a footbridge that crosses over a section of the swamp. OH NO. Seidina communicates with them and they let us know that they won’t attack if we don’t linger in the swamp.
WE FIND JOHN. A large circle of protective runes is drawn on the ground in a clearing around John and a small fire. He hails us and we chat.
He tells us that Symathus has been taken over by a demon, who is using the cult as a cover to bring over a powerful demon; this demon is already possessing Symathus.
John says he’s protected this island so that Symathus can’t summon the demon here, but that Symathus could summon the demon elsewhere.
To summon the demon, Symathus would need:
-Enough space to summon the demon
-Several weeks to prepare
-various human and animal sacrifices performed at specific times, so he’s probably have to round everyone up first and keep them captured.
-all of us to be higher level.
Sharktooth sells John the evil winged varghoulle-summoning statue that we obtained in Session 9, for 2,000gp.
Return to castle with John; +1000exp each (11547/15000exp)


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