Session 12 (09/11/13)

Burial at Sea

Session 12 09/11/2015
We’re heroes! The hamlet of Aubade is now freed from their curse and they treat us like kings until a few days go by and they all have incredible sunburns and have to stay inside again.

Villagers hear of our search for Symathus and tell us rumors of a man named John who is a renouned demonologist, perhaps the world’s foremost. As the stories go, he has gone so
far as to map the outer realms through some sort of summoning or divination. John is brother to the lord of Qenlas (kanelass), very large city. We are magically there, outside the castle gates. Lord Berton (Bert for short).


We examine the ROOM OF DOOM. No swiping, swiper.
+3 syringes of sleepytime meds
We find a PANTERY!
Brothel. Gross holes.
Alley…snarling dogpack attacks. Sharky drops the leader with a shot through the skull (crit, 17 damage).
Mirror for priest, Iron Man is posing, Seidina Entangle ftw
+506exp each (9047/9000 ding 4th)


zafthan Heyokah

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