Session 15
Burial at Sea

John does discounted divinination describing dwelling of demon-dealer Symathus. We go to the Iron Duke to set sail back to the old continent.
Halew (bard), Amkuurum (orc cleric of Gromm), and Nunnai (gnome wizard) are on leave; we must find them to set sail.

RayvyEdden (priest) speaks to some of the other crew and gets a lead on Halew, the bard – they think he is performing at one of the larger alehouses. We find him playing to a large crowd, and the bar staff won’t let us interfere with his performance. We leave him a note to stay there while we round up the rest of the crew.

Looking for Nunnai, we stop in the magic shop, where the owner happens to be a gnome. He happens to know Nunnai and says we should check a local watering hole that caters to smaller clientele.

We arrive at the Magic Stick and find the doorway is quite small; most of the party has to wait outside while Sharky crawls in and retrieves Nunnai.

We suspect Amkuurum may be wandering around in the wilderness near town. Outside the city, we hear deep baritone singing in the woods. Heading towards it, we see an orc tra-la-la’ing along with a large bear approaching him from behind. We watch as he feeds it some berries; it wanders off when it sees us. We convince him to meet us at the boat come morning.

We crash for the night uneventfully, arrive at the boat, and realize that Halew is still at the pub where we told him to wait for us. Oops.

We hoof it to the inn and tell him what’s up. He says he’ll get ready and that it’ll take him an hour to pack. Sharky walks past him into the room, throws all of his crap into a sack and pushes him forward out the door. We’re on our way.

We set sail and about 5 days out, we hear a pretty loud splash in the water near the ship.
As most of the crew looks over the edge, a crew member (Phinny) climbs on the rail and leaps into the water, making a loud splash. The crow’s nest calls out “Man overboard!”
Icon jumps overboard on the other side of the ship.

RayvyEdden casts Detect Magic and sees that the large clumps of seaweed floating in the water nearby are radiating magic.

One of them transforms before his eyes and takes the form of a woman, compelling him to leap into the water to save them.

He resists her alluring pull and warns the crew as 5 clumps of seaweed turn into equine-shaped monsters and move towards the ship as if to attack. Meanwhile, a large column of water rises up in front of the ship and attacks. Iron Man identifies the sea-weed shapechangers are Kelpies; the water to be a huge Water Elemental. COMBAT MUSIC PLAYS.

Iron Man delays, waiting on the Captain’s orders.
Sharky draws his bow and sinks two arrows into one of the kelpies. …
We cut the kelpies down, but the water elemental is fucking up our shit. It’s created a widening crack in the hull. We also notice that the ship is spinning in a swirl of water that is slowly pulling the ship down into the water. The crew begin abandoning ship. Things are not looking good. We manage to kill all of the kelpies just as the water elemental sends the ship sinking underwater. We bail. As in, leave the ship for the whaling skiffs with crew. Bobby retcons RayvyEdden back onto the sinking ship and as we row away we see him sucked beneath the waves.
+1200 exp each, most likely 5th level.
assumed dead: Jeorge, Icond, Phinny, Gerry, Ninnacka, Amselgar, Deitana.

Session 14: The Missing Episode
No seriously, nobody took notes.

We… were sent by John to get some sticky-icky from some lady in the dumpy parts of town. Arriving, we find her riding a huge cockroach and surrounded by thugs. We invite her to help us, she invites us to die. We disagree.

Several of her henchmen turn on us and reveal themselves to be were-rats. A minor miscalculation on our part leads to us nearly giving Bobby a TPK. Scurry.
We do survive, but barely, and get some decent loot: masterwork longbows, cloaks of resistance, a masterwork shortsword, and misc. other items.

We return to John and discover that he only wanted the liquid to amuse himself.

Session 13
Searching for John In the Woods

Session 13 09/25/2015 Continuing the Search for John…Into the Woods!
Starting in town, we go to a weapon shop to look at a masterwork weapon for Iron Man, which is 350gold. We look and leave.

Into the woods on the “path” of John, we find a windy path that matches our map (how we know this I don’t know). We determine the path was made by boars twice the size of normal boar.
We encounter a wolf-like creature which Iron Man recognizes as a Barghest, an evil monster that feeds on innocent creatures until it grows large enough to transform, then finds a tribe of goblins to rule. It’s eating a deer and doesn’t recognize us. We tickle it!

Just kidding. We kill it.
(+300exp Barghest slain! 9347/15000) And we loot the deer carcass. Sharky takes the Barghest’s teeth.
We find a river; evidence of boar, and then… BOAR ATTACK!
[Flanking is +2 to hit]
(12 damage)
Iron Man is fighting 3, takes one down. Sharky is fighting one and Seidina summons AN EAGLE out of nowhere and it bites my boar on the booty.
4 Dire Boars down; +1200exp each, 8 footlong tusks, as much boar meat as we can carry.
Fork in the road – isn’t on the map. The off-branch has lights in the distance; the path seems to be man-made; we see human footprints on the path.
Two GIANT humanoid creatures rise up out of a swamp near the path, trailing filth and vines. We identify them as Shambling Mounds, and they seem to be defending their swamp territory. We attempt to pass them by, but encounter a footbridge that crosses over a section of the swamp. OH NO. Seidina communicates with them and they let us know that they won’t attack if we don’t linger in the swamp.
WE FIND JOHN. A large circle of protective runes is drawn on the ground in a clearing around John and a small fire. He hails us and we chat.
He tells us that Symathus has been taken over by a demon, who is using the cult as a cover to bring over a powerful demon; this demon is already possessing Symathus.
John says he’s protected this island so that Symathus can’t summon the demon here, but that Symathus could summon the demon elsewhere.
To summon the demon, Symathus would need:
-Enough space to summon the demon
-Several weeks to prepare
-various human and animal sacrifices performed at specific times, so he’s probably have to round everyone up first and keep them captured.
-all of us to be higher level.
Sharktooth sells John the evil winged varghoulle-summoning statue that we obtained in Session 9, for 2,000gp.
Return to castle with John; +1000exp each (11547/15000exp)

Session 12 (09/11/13)
Burial at Sea

Session 12 09/11/2015
We’re heroes! The hamlet of Aubade is now freed from their curse and they treat us like kings until a few days go by and they all have incredible sunburns and have to stay inside again.

Villagers hear of our search for Symathus and tell us rumors of a man named John who is a renouned demonologist, perhaps the world’s foremost. As the stories go, he has gone so
far as to map the outer realms through some sort of summoning or divination. John is brother to the lord of Qenlas (kanelass), very large city. We are magically there, outside the castle gates. Lord Berton (Bert for short).


We examine the ROOM OF DOOM. No swiping, swiper.
+3 syringes of sleepytime meds
We find a PANTERY!
Brothel. Gross holes.
Alley…snarling dogpack attacks. Sharky drops the leader with a shot through the skull (crit, 17 damage).
Mirror for priest, Iron Man is posing, Seidina Entangle ftw
+506exp each (9047/9000 ding 4th)

Session 11: The Search for Symathus
and the fetishes of Vitus.

The hamlet of Aubade. Once known for its singing choirs, it is now rumored to be infested with vampires. Great. That’s our destination.

Right now we’re in the city of Bleakburn, where just about anything is available. We go to do some shopping and admire a longsword “of eternal flame” that’s priced at 3,000gp but we settle on 3 vials of holy water that we get for free. (Bobby says they can anoint a weapon for the duration of a combat).
Arriving in Aubade from the Northwest, we see a collection of buildings that are all boarded up, somewhat neglected. We see a lone soul crossing from one building to another, completely covered in fabric. When they see us, they scurry into one of the buildings and disappear from sight. We’re not quite sure how to proceed.

Seidina lowers her fingertips to the ground and feels for magical currents, looking to see if that might give us an idea. She is surprised to find a light magical aura that permeates the entire town.

There is a road heading a beach South of town; the North end of the road ends in a Temple of the Sun. We pass a shop with a sign that reads: The Lamplighter. It’s locked up at the moment, but the sign indicates they sell oil lamps and scented oils for burning. There is a scent of fragrant oil from within the shop. But it’s closed.

We wander and come back to the house where we’d seen someone go inside. Rayney knocks on the door and we hear muffled footsteps inside. A feeble voice calls out: “Go away, you’re not welcome here.”

Rayney asks if they’d like to hear about his god Ashtus, and she tells us to go away again. They say that their god has forsaken them and then stops responding.

We see another figure approaching, carrying a simple brown parasol and covered head to toe in thick clothing, including a hood. A slight magical aura is detected emanating from them. We see they have very pale skin. They identify themselves as head of the town council, and 40 winters old. He says that a curse descended on their town two years ago, but for now we must leave. He says we may return at nightfall but right now we must go as we are disturbing the peace.

We venture to the Temple of the Sun. It’s locked up tight, but at one time was a glorious cathedral. It looks a bit out of place in these surroundings – it seems the whole town could fit inside. Behind the church is a hall building that’s also quite large. It strikes us as particularly odd. Rayney recalls that at one time this place was renowned for their childrens’ choir and drew visitors from far away.

We visit the beach; there is a small sailing boat that shows signs of fair use, and it smells of fish. Not much else there. We venture back into town to explore. We find a shop called “Everything Under the Sun” and an Inn called “The Warm Welcome”. The Innkeeper, a pale half-elven woman (Alyiah), lets us in.

She explains that they don’t have much to offer; business has been slow lately. We pry. “Most of the people in the village followed Darlen, the sun-god.” She resists further inquiry, stating that it’s not her place to tell us these things. Sharkbite plies her with Diplomacy, speaking up for the first time and clearly interested in trying some of the stew she had mentioned earlier. She starts the pot cooking and brings us her very best wine as a bonus. “It’s normally for special occasions, but I guess this is the most special occasion we’ve had in a long time.” After dinner, she says we might try talking to Srave, the priest, or Dancelyn, the
Head of the Town Council that we’d met earlier. It’s getting dark. She charges us 3cp each, a pittance for the dinner served. We tip her a silver. (spent: 22cp) She offers to put us up for the night for 1gp each, and we’d all get private rooms.

We decide to spend the last few rays of sun waiting in the inn; as darkness falls she says she always likes to go watch the lamp-lighting. We venture out and see figures moving about lighting the many street-lamps that are throughout the town.

Speaking to the priest, we discover that he’d burned a witch (Murja) at the stake and suspects that the sun god is displeased because her familiar, a fox, still skulks around. The curse seemed to come as a disease, strangling children and making it hard to breathe for those that do survive. We ask about the magical aura around town and if they could leave the town; he says they burst into flames as soon as they leave the boundaries. The worst of the curse – the light sensitivity – hit after burning the witch. He’s absolutely sure that the witch was the cause, because…she was a witch! Sunlight causes the villagers to burst into flames as well. The witch’s lair was to the West of town; her familiar has been seen throughout the town.

We head West, to the outskirts of town, searching for signs of the witch. A gigantic fox leaps onto the road in front of us, clearly surprised to see us.

Seidina attempts to use her animal empathy skills but can’t connect. Sharkbite simply talks to it like this is totally normal, being friendly. It leads us to the ruins of a hut. From inside, we hear a terrible wailing. We scatter like frightened rabbits.

A ghost appears, telling us that she is bound to this place by her anger; she placed the curse on the town, and offers to remove it if her hut is rebuilt and the church is burned to the ground. We ask her if there is any other way; she says the curse will remain until she is able to rest. We head back to town.

Dontillyon (aka Dancelyn, aka “Dan”) seems to have been expecting us, though it seems that he is under the impression that we are just returning to town and had not actually spent the whole day here. He tells us the history of the lamps in town, etc. We offer to solve their situation and lift the curse… he says he’d be willing to pay any price. He seems to have known the witch and believes what we say as true as it sounds like something she would have said.

We discuss a plan. We’ll rebuild her house first, so that the town will be less likely to be upset when we torch the church. We need a way to get the priest out of the church, as he sleeps in there.

Rebuilding the hut will cost us 5 gold and 5 silver. We pile into one room in the inn to save money. The ghost appears every night as we’re leaving to bitch at us for minor details. Tearing down the ruins, we find a cache of spell components that are intact. Sharky takes ‘em. He also gathers up a small amount of ordinary sand, and on the last night when she appears he tells her that this is magic sand that will bestow peace upon whomever resides in the abode. He sprinkles it at the door as if it were of great power. (During the day, he’d said “She’s dead, she won’t know!”).

We head back to town to handle the rest of the deal. The party finds Srave and convinces him to go to the bar with them, where they start buying him drinks.

Sharktooth sneaks out the back and goes to the oil shop; buys 4 pints of oil, 2sp each.

He then smashes in the back door of the church, takes the holy book from the altar, and then torches the place. He sneaks back to the bar.

At the bar, Sharky rejoins the party without notice. Soon after, someone comes in shouting that the church is on fire. Everyone rushes outside to see, but it is too late to save it – the whole building is engulfed in flames. Srave collapses, weeping.

Srave says he doesn’t know what he’ll do now; he doesn’t care if he lives or dies now. Sharkbite comes up with a plan, but really has to convince the priest to believe him. He says that as a sailor, he had been told by the salt-priests that in times of great change, the sun god may bestow a blessing on the first to see the rising sun. A despondent Srave says that he might as well go.

Sharkbite walks the priest to the edge of the water, which faces East. Srave starts crying so hard that he can’t really see, and Sharkbite slowly pulls the holy book of Darlen from his cloak and sets it on the sand beside Srave, then quietly backs away. The first rays of the morning sun touch Srave’s face, and it is the start of a new day in Aubade.

(Fin: +1200 exp each.) (8541/9000 Sharkbite)

Session 10: OhnoOwlbears!

Owlbear wrecks my face. (-14 damage; 19 remaining). Rayney sings a song of Doom and Firey Death, terrifying the Owlbear into dropping me instead of tearing me in half (YAY).
-5damage on another swipe (-19, 14 remaining); Rayney summons a wolf that bites the owlbear, dragging it to the ground in fury. Kazzander then makes a mighty overhand blow, slaying the beast.
+300 exp (7341/9000)
64g 430s 800cp an agate, another agate, freshwater pearl, malachite, milky quartz, moonstone, obsidian, periodot, pyrite, rodocrosite, rock quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, shell, potions of protection from Law and protection from Evil.
Channel Energy: +7hp (21hp)
We sneak past 2 Darkmantles as echoes bounce off the walls, the noise of chanting and otherworldly noise echoing off the walls. We suspect the cultists are just ahead.
We creep down a spiral staircase carved from stone. Screams of howling wind and something not from this plane hammer against our ears. We witness six cultists around a collection of glowing runes; overhead is a portal with an emerging fleshy monstrosity reminscent of a cancerous mass covered in tentacles and mouths. The cultists seem to be struggling; just as we get close, the cultists are overcome with the strain of their efforts and collapse. OH NOES!
The beast is surprisingly hard to hit; we do minor damage as the monster tries to attack one of the cultists. Rayney pulls one of the cultists (Tithelm) to safety.

This inspires the Iron Man to save Nardar and Bronchio by pulling them out of the creature’s reach. Tithelm & Co. attempt to restore the magical barrier; the monstrosity takes a huge bite out of Tithelm’s bicep and Nardar’s chest, shaking him around and dropping him prone. Sharky helps Nardar to his feet away from the danger zone. The ritual is restored, with Rayney’s help. Sharky slams it with his hammer, smushing the mass. Ruis gets bitten; Rayney collapses from strain, ending the ritual again. Sharky slams one of the tentacles, crushing it; most of the arm sloughs off onto the floor, turning to poisonous liquid and teeth which remain as souvenirs. Iron man hits it with his sword, slicing a tentacle for similar effect. 19pts (flanking helps!). It still has many tentacle-arms, but they are nearly countable now. 14pts. Seidina heals Nardar for 7pts (nice!). 18pts (2 limbs lost). Abberation has roughly 6 tentacles left; ichor is dripping everywhere. Nardar manages to add enough oomph to the ritual to force the creature back through the portal. [VICTORY! Per Bobby, we gain “enough experience to hit level four, whatever that is”.]

Session 9: Caves & Cultists

Exploring the cave with our new friend, we come into a large room with a shallow depression in the floor. Ominious chanting echoes throughout the chamber from the
tunnel ahead. We find 7 bent copper coins on the floor below (and pick it up – Sharktooth carrying).
We continue South, entering a chamber with a catwalk stretching across it but leading nowhere. Three hidously ugly flying things circle a small demonic statue at the far end; Kazzander recognizes them as vargouiles. “Demons…” he whispered as they stared balefully at us in a tense moment, the ominous chanting continuing from further on. Sharktooth waved cheerily at them, at which point they shrieked and attacked.
Their shrieks paralyzed Seidina and Rayny with fear, echoes filling the room with awful noise.
[+1800party exp; Bobby gives Andy and I 600 exp, 300 to the other two because they failed their saves, although Dennay was calming their child at the time because Bobby was “busy running the game” and Andy had rolled for her while she was gone).
We debate what to do with the idol. Sharktooth disliked it and was about to smash it to bits with his heirloom hammer, but Seidina convinced the party to keep it as a possible bartering tool with the cultists.
We move through the halls, rounding a bend into a room with a chest when a terrible stench assailed us. A monstrosity with a huge mouth and tentacle-like arms lumbered
towards us from the North. It reached for Seidina with its gaping maw, breathing a foul stench of Stetson cologne. Seidina immediately shot it with a magical icicle, staggering it. The stench changed to one of Jovan Musk. Sharky drew his bow and shot it with two arrows; the smell changed to one of rotten fish. As it advanced on Seidina, she drew her ssscimitar and disembowled it with a mighty stroke. Still alive, it lashed out with its tentacles, casting shadows on the walls. Sharky took a mighty swing, missing the beasts ankle, but catching the swinging guts and wrenching the swinging intestines free from the sword-wound, casting gore along the corridor floor. Rayny sensed a dramatic moment and sank his cultist dagger into the thing’s hide, slaying the beast.

Examining the room, we find a good amount of loot filling the chest, taking it with us. This includes:
68gp, 390sp, 900cp, an agate, an alabaster, a chrysoprate, malachite, onyx, pyrite, a bronze statuette of a warrior, a decorated gold plate, an engraved jade scarab, a gold holy symbol (deity unknown), a silver baby rattle, a silver cauldron with animal symbols, a scroll of charm person, scroll of protection from evil, scroll of true strike, and that’s it. No magic detected other than the scrolls.
The sound of rushing water is heard in the distance.

Next up, we find what appears to be a large evil chicken in the next room – A cockatrice! It runs towards us. A quick word from our cleric Rayny stuns it, allowing us to splatter it into gore before it could turn one of us into stone.
[800partyxp; 6591/9000exp]

The room after is home to a swarm of 9 stirges – mosquitos the size of a hawk. We dispatch two of them before they descend upon us. They latch onto us, draining 1 point of constitution from Seidina and Rayny before we were able to finish them off. Rayny invoked the power of his faith to heal himself. Break!
+450each; [7041/9000exp]

Session 8: We Believe Everybody.
And it's all true.

Session 8: 07/10/2015 – We’re not terribly drunk tonight.
OT: A Yuan for Greek Austerity Amidst PhotoPutin’s Aplenty
We have decided to leave the bar and go to bed, where we sleep well unmolested by parasitic invaders.
We were on our way to Bleakburn; could wander about in the woods, or turn back to a town whose-name-we-don’t-remember. We carry on to Bleakburn.
An hour from town, a two-horse coach comes barrelling down the lane towards us. We move to the side and it passes without slowing down. We “get the impression it would not have slowed had we not moved aside”.
Our jaded eyes see Skuuma addicts, but note that other drugs are legal here. Street vendors fill the air with their cries; we hear town criers proclaiming that more people disappeared last night.
“For the last 10 days, we’ve had missing people. About 1 person every night. You know, the streets have been a lot less full of the homeless, you know? There’s clearly less of them. Nobody sees who’s taking them.” This place must not have a lot of homeless people.
A potion-shop vendor is hawking wares; half-off healing potions! We’re still scrubs and have to pass them by. The vendor steps a good five paces out of his shop. He says “Hey, you! Adventurers! I can tell by the mud on your boots. I have cure-light wounds potions for 25 gold!” We’re totally scrubs; this hasn’t changed. Our GM doesn’t remember how splitting our treasure with the entire crew worked out for us.
Kazzander doesn’t believe the merchant. The salesman lowers his price to 20, then 15. We’re still scrubs, so even at this price we have to take our muddy boots elsewhere, but
not until Sharky pitches the vendor an “opportunity to get in at the ground floor” of sponsorship for this adventuring company. The vendor was enticed by our offer, but Kazzander walked away before we could ink a deal.
We walk into the streets that get smaller and smaller until we’re in warped alleys that reek of piss. We hear a cry, then see a small imp-like creature throw a fireball at a man in robes, knocking him to the ground. Behind the creature, we see what appears to be a small planar portal closing. The creature turns to us with SURE EVIL twisting its terrible face.
Kazzander recognizes it as a FIRE MEPHIT, draws his unamed sword, and charges. He gives it a terrible wound, causing it to spew fire. Sharkbite then rushes forward, slamming it to the ground and destroying it. (+800 exp for the party; +268 for Sharky)
(5081/5000 LEVEL! 2 more exp than the others) We loot the mephit; it has three Cure Light Wounds healing potions on it. I am not making this up.
We examine the robed man waylaid by the mephit; he looks in terrible shape. Kazzander pours his potion into the man’s mouth, restoring his vitality somewhat. We then offer him a drink of water; after drinking, he sits up and coughs up blood. He says “Symath / Symathus has betrayed us!” “He was our master.” And then he slumps to the ground, overwhelmed with fatalistic dramatic plot points.
His Gear:
Dagger, v-blade with twin crescent moons for quillions.
Scroll of “Bless Weapon”
Rolled up parchment with some sort of large scale cave/river/valley map/drawing of intestines on it.
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.
Strange Holy Symbol.
We pick up his belongings so as not to leave them abandoned in the street, carefully packing them into our bags to keep them from getting scratched or stolen. We carry him to a local temple and gently knock on their portal. A horribly disfigured and hunchbacked figure peers through a chained door, coughing phlegmatically in a fit of anger. We identify him as a Priest of Zela, a good, but sadly generic deity. The priest looks at the man, his eyes squint as he sees the holy symbol on the poor man’s chest, then cries “There is no Temple of Ashtus in the city. He deserves everything that has come to him!” There was a sound of ripping fabric followed by a horrible stench of rotten eggs. We decide to leave.
We help an old woman to cross a busy intersection; in return, she asks us what favor she might bestow on us to repay us for our kindness and opens her coin purse, showing a vast wealth of gold and gems. We thank her for her generous offer, but instead ask her to merely answer a simple question and find that priests of Ashtus are regarded as demon worshippers. We thank her again and part ways.
Our passenger stirs; we offer him the Cure Moderate Wounds potions and he drinks greedily, healing considerably, flakes of blood and crusted gore falling away like a noxema commercial. He says his name is Reyny Eddyn, and he explains that he serves Ashtus, a god who was formely wicked but who is trying to change to goodly ways.

He says corrupt followers are causing a rift within the religion as well as interdimensional rifts within the town, spilling wickedness upon the land. He agrees to accompany us on a quest to the cave complex where the cultists reside.
[We gain his character sheet; he becomes a party minion. Human Cleric level 3; note that his Channel Energy is positive, not negative as indicated on the sheet.]
WE ENTER THE CAVE. It’s really dark.
Scrawled on the wall are the words “Martyr Ethan died here, his sword sundered on the West wall.” There’s a “busted helm” on the West floor.
Seidina notices movement on the ceiling ahead; an area where three of the stalagtites are slowly moving around.
Sharkbite picks up the helm and throws it at the creatures. All three moving stalagtites drop down, revealing terrible hooked tentacles attached to fleshy horribleness. They flap their disgusting forms about and swoop back up to the ceiling, then descend upon us to attack. Reverend Reyny recoils in terror, missing his turn. Sharkbite draws his mighty hammer and in one fluid motion strikes a flying creature from the air and drives it into the rock hard enough to render it into gore. (Natural 20!)
One of its companions drops down onto Seidina; the iron man risks his neck to save her and destroys the creature. The last Darkmantle was slain by his sword on the next round.
(+400 exp each; 5481/5000) WE LEVEL UP!

No Country for Old Mages

Session 7: 06/26/2015
Meeting Paul, the skuuma addict. He says he knows Harkenon personally, but Harkenon won’t give him any more skuuma. The iron man gives him a potent (legal) beverage, which relaxes his tongue. Paul used to work for the mill, but when Harkenon took over the fields switched from millcrop to skuuma.
He says Routha (Harkenon’s son) is a good guy but makes all his money on skuuma too. He seems nicer than his father; Paul hasn’t seen as much of him as he has Harkenon.
There was a falling out between Leeto and Harkenon when skuuma arrived; when Leeto ran out of money the friendship ended.
We notice that the inhabitants of the only town where skuuma is legal don’t seem to be buying any of the skuuma; they’re all poor junkies or non-users. Where is it all going? Harkenon is making a ton of gold off of someone…
Paul confirms that Harkenon has driven out all of the “leaf” trade locally other than skuuma.

The next closest town is Gerran’s Outpost (East); the next closest is Mos Isley, slightly larger and closer to the coast in the Southwest. We depart for Gerran’s Outpost via a road that winds through the fields, square plots with guard towers in the center. Along the way, we see a group of addicts with a cart harvesting while the guards look on, disinterested. The guard towers have solid walls with arrow loops, so it’s hard to tell which are manned and which aren’t. We get the feeling that they aren’t all manned.

We are closer to Gerran’s Outpost after a few hours of walking, when we find a “person who looks like they might be gnomish” singing to himself and admiring the flowers. He does not have the deadeyed skuuma look; instead he appears wizened and old. He says it’s a shame to see the moonsugar flowers used in this way; they’re such pretty flowers and would be nice in an ornamental garden. His name is Ghuluum; he is one of the Great Mages of legend; only 5 remain and he is thousands of years old. [Andrea is another Great Mage who frequents bars (an old woman)].

We’re stumped. Sharky tries to persuade him to render the moonsugar flower useless as a drug, but he isn’t interested. Sharky asks him if he knows any good riddles, and he says he’s curious about what the Queen of the Silver Pines treasures most. (the Silver Pines are an area on the old continent that is known to be home to a race of xenophobic elves that are extremely hostile to outsiders). Andy is obsessed with farmers’ dating sites. He gives us a super-special coin that we can use to summon him if and only if we can answer his question – if we do, he’ll owe us a favor. He says the elves tend to kill anyone non-elven they encounter, but the “Giant Queen is owed a favor by the Queen of the Silver Pines, so you might try there.” And then he disappears in a “piff” of smoke.
+300exp (4813/5000)
We arrive in Gerran’s Outpost – a walled town. The road goes directly through the gates. Guards point arrows at us. They admit us, but say “you won’t make it to Bleakburn by nightfall” and invite us to spend the night. Most of the population are guards for the outpost. In conversation with one of them, he openly admits that he hates Harkenon and would burn the fields if he had a dozen men to aid him. He says all the guards that were from Gashir are addicts now or work for Vlauburgh. He says one can tell which Vlauburgh towers are manned by observing them at night because you can see light coming from inside. Main guard is named “De’moan”.
We make it to the bar – adventure concluded!

The Berg of Vlauburgh
Oooh, pretty flowers!

Session 6; 06/19/2015
The berg of Vlauburgh; citizens are on Skuuma, an illicit drug made from the dew of the Moonsugar flower, a blue iris-like flower that grows on vines covering the fields outside of town. Skuuma is illegal everywhere else; in Vlauburgh, it generates revenue from tourists and townsfolk alike. Once you’ve had a taste, you’re hooked.
Weapons Shop! Seidina buys a light x-bow and some bolts; Sharky buys a longbow and 60 arrows.
Headed to the only Inn in town, overheard local militia talking about their troubles keeping Skuuma out of Vlauburgh. We decide to explore the outskirts of town, heading towards the city of Ghashir (where Skuuma is legal).
Crazed Owlbear attack! It’s high on drugs! We dodge claws and beak, evading its devestating grip, pummelling it out of its misery.
+400exp (4213/5000)
We hear bandits coming down the road and hide; Sharky hides closer to the trail and overhears them complaining about how their drugs have been taken by Owlbears. They are worried that someone named Harkenan will be pissed.
We continue on to Ghashir, passing through farmland where whole fields of six-foot high Moonsugar flowers are growing on vines.
Ghashir is a small town with a mill and a huge manor house in the center of town. A really small (1-2 bed) “bed and breakfast” Inn. Small apothecary run by Eairolon (female).
Sash-wearing folk patrol about the town, the sashes bearing a red circle with an H emblazed in the center; they appear to be guards of some sort.
In the inn, we see a thick, tough looking man worrying about his ability to stay in town; his name is Leeto, the Miller. Barmaid says he “should stay, this town was built around him and the mill – he should be the lord of the town, not Harkenon. What will become of Paul if you leave?” We find Paul; he appears to be an addict.
+100exp bandits, +200 for town (4513/5000)


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