The city of Troesale Bay

Fear of Seidina’s extradition back to her old home has found your party in the city of Troesale Bay. The watch in this seaside city is notorious for their dogged pursuit of criminals and aggressive apprehensions. Port cities like Troesale Bay are often rife with crime but it is not in small part due to the watch’s notoriety that felonious transgressions are rare. While you’re party should not fear a mugging, fear of capture and a free trip home in a prison cart is forefront on your minds.

Thankfully Troesale is a bustling city and blending in is easy to do if one keeps their head down. You’ve passed by several members of the watch even looking one or two in the eye and they don’t seem to be aware that they should be on the lookout for you or your party. So long as you don’t cause trouble and find a ship quickly You shouldn’t have trouble in this city.

Troesale Bay is a large port city surrounded on the landward side by a wall having 3 gates. The quay side is lined with docks and shipyards separated by their purpose. Merchants ships on the south side, fishing and whaling vessels on the northern end. Lining the docks are all manner of shops, inns and bars meant to supply the boats and their crews with whatever they need before going out to sea. General purpose, magical, or weapons shops and the like are more likely to be found on the city’s West side along the wall. The Troesale Bay’s upper crust are found in the center of the city with the mayoral home being in the center of it’s wealthy district. There are no defined boundaries between the upper and lower class homes as you would often find in other cities. The homes and shops just seem to get smaller as you go from the center to the outer part of the city.

While the entire city is busy with activity during the day, the docks are like a sophisticated machine. People are constantly coming and going, ships docking and undocking. Vendors push about their carts through a bevy of performers, drunkards, aristocrats, ships captains, boats crews and all other sorts in a host of different races. Navigation of the docks is made even more challenging with all manner of hooks, ropes, anchors, animals and their feces strewn anywhere that there are not people. So much as blink while walking the docks and you may find yourself running headlong into someone else or just fall into the sea.

Since you have been in Troesale Bay you have heard the following rumors, you can never be sure if such rumors are true:

* The city’s mayor Weone has not been seen during the day recently and might be a vampire.
* The city’s mayor Weone is a drunk and should be removed from his position.
* The mayor is a greater demon disguised as a human.
* On the whole people seem to like the Troesale Bay Mayor.
* A lot of people are talking about a prophesy that has been circulating around.
* The only elder for the Church of Goff has died and the future of the church is unclear. There weren’t many members.
* It is said that shadowy figures come and go through the South Gate at night. No one knows where they go once they enter the city or leave.
* There is a whaling ship that has been having a hard time finding a suitable crew. Apparently the ship’s captain is very choosy.


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